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Chula Vista CA

Chula Vista is known as one of the largest cities situated in the metropolitan area of San Diego and has a semi-arid climate which means it has dry summers with a little chance of precipitation each year. As of 2020, Chula Vista has a total population of 275,487 and has been recognized as a leader in renewable energy.

Coronado CA

Coronado is home to 24,697 people according to its latest census report and since it is a resort city, you can expect to experience a summer-like climate every time you visit this city. A perfect summer getaway destination, Cornado is rich in stunning white sand beaches and presents its residents and tourists with a long list of fun summer activities.

San Diego CA

San Diego has a reputation for having one of the best climates in the country, with mild winters and dry, warm summers. This exquisite environment is the ideal complement to the beautiful white beaches and world-class amenities that attract tourists. With 1,386,932 residents as of 2020, it’s no surprise that San Diego has become one of the country’s most populous cities.

Poway CA

The City of Poway is recognized for having a hot-summer Mediterranean climate and remarkable vineyards and has a large production of peaches, alfalfa, and grain. Known as the “City in the County”, it has beautiful lakes that are fantastic for fishing and also has some of the best equestrian and hiking trails you can find in the county of San Diego.

Encinitas CA

Encinitas is noted for its beautiful gardens and distinctive greenhouses, as well as being a leading grower of poinsettias, or “Christmas Flowers.” This city enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate, yet it is subjected to powerful Pacific storms every year, resulting in a wet season. There’s not much growth seen in its population over the years, which is 58,014 in 2000 and became 59,518 after a decade.

Del Mar CA

The City of Del Mar is a famous spot for movie locations and of course, it’s one of the favorite cities of many Hollywood stars. In its latest census report, the city is home to 4,347 inhabitants and boasts a peaceful and tourist-friendly atmosphere. Del Mar has a Mediterranean-subtropical climate which means the city features humid but mild winters and dry, hot summers.

Oceanside CA

According to its 2019 report, Oceanside has a growing population of 175,622 and is one of the most populous compared to its nearby cities. The city takes pride in its stunning white beaches and the iconic wooden pier that tourists should never miss going to. Oceanside has a semi-arid climate that brings hot, dry summers while winters are long and cool.

Vista CA

Vista is recognized as a city with a higher than average cost of living but offers its residents top-rated amenities. A stunning life is what awaits its residents with abundant high-class restaurants and shopping centers as well as microbreweries. Vista has extreme temperatures throughout the year. while its latest census report states that the city has a growing population of 101,638.